Malthouse Theatre

Malthouse Theatre is the resident theatre company of The Coopers Malthouse.

At once a creative site and an engine for change, Malthouse Theatre is also the imaginative expression of a committed team of art-makers reaching out to an even larger number of local, national and international artists. All are dedicated to an ongoing conversation with audiences of exciting diversity and character.

This conversation chooses contemporary theatre as its vehicle: a compelling annual program of adventurous, multi-disciplinary work inspired by writers, directors, designers, choreographers, audio artists and performers. Here, the combined possibilities of all live arts are offered centre stage – for entertainment, for fun and to better understand the world in which we live.

The quality, depth and longevity of this relationship between artists and audiences are at the heart of everything we do and so our creative aspirations are driven by three core values:

Risk Works created at Malthouse Theatre aim to test and extend the boundaries of our art form.

Rigour Malthouse Theatre is committed to research, creative development and the ongoing examination of our practise.

Quest Malthouse Theatre lives its values both onstage and off-stage: diversity, access and social inclusion are at the core of the world we want to represent and shape.