Another Colour

What is Another Colour?

We’re an award-winning, boutique creative design and studio based in Sydney, with a satellite studio in Melbourne, that was launched in 2007 by Steve Scott as Steve Scott Graphic Design. Another Colour is about seeing things in another light. It’s about offering something different by embracing the challenges that come with your project and understanding pragmatism and creativity are not mutually exclusive. It’s also about never forgetting to have fun with what we do – to play, experiment and learn whilst doing so.

At Another Colour, we believe good design comes from a mix of research, imagination and collaboration. It should be something that makes you smile as well as think. Our specialties span from print to digital to the intangible, and includes branding, brochures, websites, digital marketing, environments and packaging. Our clients range from luxury brands, technology companies, not-for-profits and the hospitality industry.

Our motto “we like to colour, both inside and outside the lines” is our way of saying that we stick to deadlines and deliver on budget while bringing creativity and innovation to every project. Read more about our approach here. To learn more, check out our projects; meet the team; read about our latest developments, theories and observations on the blog; and buy gifts at the Another Colour shop.

This isn’t just a website to show you the work we do. It’s a place where we hope to share, discuss and inspire. It’s our gallery, our laboratory and our playground. We hope you visit us often. Contact us any time at