Harry & Frankie

Harry & Frankie celebrates everything and anything vinous. The 600+ wine listing highlights small family owned producers from Australia’s backyard and around the world. John and Tom have also worked closely with some of this country’s most exciting wineries, including Ruggabellus, Ar Fion, Spinifex, Tonic and Vinteloper, to blend and bottle a signature range of stunning house wines, working with the mantra that a great glass certainly needn’t cost a fortune.

Harry & Frankie celebrates wine and the great people who grow and make it in an inclusive, unpretentious way. You can wander in and get up close and personal with the bottles and choose your own wine adventure, either drinking in or taking away. Harry & Frankie firmly believes wine’s first job is to be delicious. Its second is to be both the cause and accompaniment to celebration. The third, and equally important, role it plays is to help you delve into the great stories behind these producers, regions and grapes.

Wine without food is no fun so Harry & Frankie has put together a menu that champions deliciousness over ego. The all-day offering includes artisan cheese and charcuterie and a range of hot share plates and is complemented by an ever changing and evolving two main course offering from 6pm.

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Harry & Frankie

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Harry & Frankie
317 Bay Street, Port Melbourne