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Some say hospitality starts at home. At Bar Lourinhã, we believe true hospitality comes from the heart. Our passion is sharing our love of good food and wine in a genuinely warm and welcoming environment. It’s what we remember our parents and our grand parents doing whenever they could — opening their hearts and welcoming people into their homes to share simple, honest food. Hospitality is in our blood through our Italian, Greek and Celtic heritage. It’s also our professional calling. The inspiration for Bar Lourinhã came to us back in 2005 while we were travelling, fishing the shores of local Portuguese towns and grazing southern Spanish markets. It struck us that the traditional hospitality ideals we grew up with in Australia were very much alive and flourishing throughout the old world. But they were sadly missing from most commercial environments in Australia. We instantly recognised that we had to move back to our home town of Melbourne and open a bar that brought together everything we’d trained for and all we believed in. Bar Lourinhã is just that — a bar. We strive for an energetic atmosphere. While its a place of belonging to the moment, its also a place where people from all walks of life can experience our world of food and wine, swap stories, share tables and create new memories.

Awarded one hat by AGFG 2017; Voted Top 50 The Australian Review; Top 100 Gourmet Traveller & nominated 2017 for Time out Awards Best Bar Food.

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Bar Lourinhã

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Bar Lourinhã
37 Little Collins Street, Melbourne

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