House of Crabs

House of Crabs is a bibs on, eat with your hands, share-between-friends affair. Grease proof paper down. Gloves on. Crab hammers in hand. Scraps on the table. ZZ top playing. Its fun. Its loud. Its finger licking GOOD TIMES. House of Crabs is a casual seafood joint. It’s not fine dining restaurant. It’s not a bar. It’s not a café. We expect our staff to provide super friendly, fast, knowledgeable and attentive service in a casual and assertive manner. We are serving seafood in bags to people eating with their fingers so don’t be stiff, shy or formal about it. Know your products, read your customers, and make sure everyone leaves having a good night. We want customers to get messy with some awesome and interesting food, relax, drink some jugs, get lost in their fishbowl margarita, be tripping on the service and atmosphere (that’s you!) and walk out telling the world how sick this is and wanting to come back. Simple stuff, but stuff that needs to be done right. The food menu is our take on American seafood – not totally authentic but bloody delicious. Big flavours. generous serves, no bullshit presentation. Some classics. Some reworking of classics. Crab Boil, Snacks, Salads and Bigs. Fried, fresh & smoked. There’s even a few non seafood items for those scared of crabs. The drinks menu takes a nod to New Orleans/American classic drinks – Hurricanes, Slammers, Juleps and cobblers along with jumbo sized frozen margaritas. Fun drink- able drinks. Lots of dark spirits. Also, nothing quite goes with crab like BEER so we have it by the glass, bottle, can and jug full. A mixture of Aussie and American classic brews. The wine list keeps it simple and offers everything by the glass. House of Crabs, where you’ll get more than just crabs.