Smudge Publishing

For six years now, we’ve printed our passions on paper, creating books under the Smudge Publishing title that we’re crazy-proud of. Maybe you’ve seen/read/gifted/rested your coffee on Flavours of Melbourne or The Burger Book, or it could have been Flavours of Urban Sydney or The Specialty Coffee Book. Who knows, but if you have, good for you – you are obviously intelligent and cultured and witty and a stand-up kind of person.

We’ve been paper-only people until 2015 but we all know the internet’s siren song can’t be resisted forever – no, no. Its dulcet beeps and zings and whirrs seduced us well and truly to the point where we got dizzy, blacked out, woke up and found we’d made a website.

And that, friends, is how Smudge Eats was born. We’ve made a digital space – an interweb trust tree, if you will – devoted to the food, wine and coffee of Melbourne and Sydney as well as their regional surrounds.