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Finance Manager


  • Date Expired: 2021-03-14
  • Location: 5 Ward Avenue, Potts Point NSW, Australia sydney 2011
  • Salary: Not specified
  • Industry: Hospitality
  • Position: Hospitality Management
  • Work Type: Full Time Work

An integral member of the group management team, responsible for budget planning and implementation


The Finance Manager, is an integral member of the group management team, who is responsible for budget planning and implementation and for accurate reporting of financial results to the executive team, who rely upon the advice and support of the Finance Manager to enable the executives to make the best business decisions for the group.  The Finance Manager needs to be dynamic, innovative and be able to handle large volumes of transactions for multiple venues.

Essential Functions

  • Accounting and financial management
  • People
  • Technology

Accounting and financial management


  • Oversees accounts payable, accounts receivable and single touch payroll functions, general ledger entries, banking and bank reconciliations and actively participates in these activities as required.
  • Review of information from the venues to ensure it is correct before being uploaded to the system
  • Manages and tracks results against budgets.
  • Reviews, updates and monitors all finance and IT related policies and procedures.
  • Continually coordinates and reviews venues accounting routines and intervenes as necessary to ensure compliance with policies and procedures.

Finance Management

  • Manages and oversees the group’s financial systems.
  • Contributes to the development of strategic and operational business plans, forecasts, budgets and feasibility studies; prepares annual budgets per venue with quarterly updated rolling forecasts.
  • Collects, interprets, tracks and reviews financial information, including collections and GST and other tax information.
  • Prepares reports daily, weekly and monthly which include sales analysis, food and beverages cost reports, monthly management accounts (P&L, balance sheet, cashflow).
  • Prepares and presents a monthly Business Review Pack containing the performance of the venues, including P&L, variance analysis against budget and forecast, balance sheet and cash flow, focus areas for the next month, control weaknesses and recommended corrective actions.
  • Provides sound financial support and insights to enable the executive managers to make critical business decisions.
  • Manages and oversees the cashflow of the group and ensures the group has the appropriate treasury controls.
  • Monitors supplier/customer agreements regarding respective revenue and costs associated with them.
  • Uses industry experience and initiative to identify areas for cost cutting and/or revenue improvement.
  • Advises executives on market changes and provides strategic financial recommendations to executives.
  • Putting the following out to tender each year including- Insurance, waste, energy,


  • Risk management of assets, credit and liquidity; implements financial controls in the businesses, which prevent misuse and misappropriation of funds or assets and inefficient cost control
  • Ensures all businesses and assets are at all times properly insured through a reputable insurance group and that insurance claims are processed in a timely and effective fashion.

Taxation and banking

  • Understands and adheres to financial legislation and regulation.
  • Manages and oversees the taxation affairs of the group and liaises with the external tax firm for statutory reporting and specialist advice.
  • Manages and oversees the group's banking and borrowing arrangements and fulfils covenant reporting obligations.


  • Strives to build a team culture across the group by working together with the Venue Managers, Operations Managers and Senior Operations Manager in support of their strategies to achieve business and operational plans.


  • Work with PKF and the venue teams to ensure all systems are being used correctly and to their fun functionality to maximise efficiency and timeliness of financial information. 
  • Ensures that all IT systems are being used in accordance with business requirements and that proper segregation of duties is implemented and maintained.

Working with PKF

  • Daily final sign off of invoices across all accounts in Lightyear
  • Holding Venue Managers to account in signing off invoices in Lightyear daily.
  • Discuss with the Hunger Group team wherever necessary to assist allocate invoices to the correct GL codes to ensure as smooth and seamless processing as possible.
  • Weekly approval of invoices for payment in NetSuite (where necessary)  across the entire group
  • Weekly approval of Hunger Group payroll reports  
  • Ensure venue managers are adhering to PKFH venue manager procedures, remind where required
  • Review the clearing accounts sent by PKFH weekly, investigate variances and advise accordingly
  • Main point of contact for accounting queries from PKFH team regarding Hunger Group
  • Main point of contact for Operations managers regarding any finance queries
  • Attend and participate in the weekly WIP meeting with PKFH
  • Attend and participate in the Monthly Management Meeting with PKF
  • Review the month end review packs from PKF prior to month end meeting
  • Review suspense files weekly and advise PKF
  • Provide adhoc reporting and information to venue managers to run their business with the assistance of NetSuite and PKF systems
  • Review and understand the monthly balance sheet of all entities and to and direct any questions to PKF
  • Main liaison with PKF
  • Completing all inter- entity invoicing between venues


Competencies & requirements

Demonstrated ability to:

  • Lead, inspire and drive the Venue Managers to achieve results,
  • Communicate cordially, effectively and clearly with executives and other managers, other employees and stakeholders,
  • Perform calmly and effectively in an extremely busy and stressful work environment,
  • Take ownership of finance tasks and react with sense of urgency to get to a solution,
  • Determine finance needs within the group and connect people to work together to solve issues as they arise,
  • Think critically, analyse situations and make decisions geared toward the group's best interests.

Core Values

  • Positive Attitude
  • Willingness to listen, learn and share knowledge with others
  • Give respect and care to team members across the group
  • Willing to perform other duties assigned as needed


Qualifications and skills

  • Relevant tertiary qualifications and/or extensive industry experience in accounting and finance management discipline
  • High level of numerical literacy and reasoning
  • A high level of organisation
  • Commercial and business awareness
  • Impeccable attention to detail and desire to probe further into data
  • Ability to stick to time constraints
  • Previous hospitality experience would be beneficial but not essential 


Key Measures

  • Effective interdepartmental collaboration and communication (as measured by feedback from executives, Senior Operations Manager, operations and venue managers and others).
  • Accurate and timely reports
  • Compliance with statutory and bank reporting obligations


Key Result Areas

  • Staff are paid accurately on time every week
  • Ensuring management have and comprehend all financial reporting required in order to make informed and timely business decisions
  • Ensuring the business owners are always aware of their cashflow position
  • The business is receiving the best outcomes from all suppliers
  • Risk is minimised across all businesses
  • All business compliance obligations are met
  • Work collaboratively with PKF to get the best financial outcomes for businesses.

    • Date Expired: 14.03.2021
    • Location: 5 Ward Avenue, Potts Point NSW, Australia
    • Salary: Not specified
    • Industry: Hospitality
    • Position: Hospitality Management
    • Work Type: Full Time Work

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