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  • Date Listed: 3.10.2016
  • Location: Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
  • Salary: Not specified
  • Industry: Design, Arts and Architecture
  • Position: Other
  • Work Type: Full Time Work

Apostrophe Copywriters is on the hunt for a word nerd and master planner in one.

  • Inner city location in a studio that's full of natural light. No fluorescents here.
  • The opportunity to work alongside (and learn from) a Senior Account Manager.
  • No two projects are the same.




Hey, teammate.

Apostrophe Copywriters is on the hunt for a word nerd and master planner in one. Someone who can handle a red pen, project brief and bunch of stakeholders like this guy. A true ‘slashie’ – the kind that loves being both creative and technical. Flexible and rigorous. Logical and sensitive. Someone who appreciates the wit of a toilet door poem, but takes a Sharpie to the misused apostrophe. You might think it makes you a pain in the arse. We’ll hire you for it. You may not have a tonne of experience, but what you lack in years, you make up for in grit, hunger, and natural smarts. And you wanna bring it to our table to make sure we deliver top-rate work, errryday.


As the Copy Editor / Project Manager…

You will take all new projects and run them through the process to submission, keeping your team abreast of all the milestones. You’ll work with the Senior Account Manager to deliver the work on time and to expectation. But not before you’ve been through it with a fine-tooth comb to catch every stray comma, misplaced apostrophe or glaring dangling modifier – of course, you know exactly what a dangling modifier is and how they pierce your grammar-loving heart.

You’ll be the person who guides our team from A to B (and then to C and D). You’ll help our clients deliver razor-sharp feedback and then pass it on to the creatives with tact so it’s all smiles and high fives at the end. While you’re obsessed with the detail, the big picture is in your sights.

You love being part of a team, and you’ll consider this person your best ally. Together you’ll share the challenges and the successes, the knowledge, and the lessons.


You’re a next-level kind of creature…

  • Regardless of the number of years you’ve been on Earth, you’re wise and self-aware
  • Your communication skills are as fine-tuned as your time management
  • You have a growth mindset, so you’ll embrace the challenges and take stock of the feedback
  • You’re happy to face-dive into a dynamic environment that can change in an instant
  • You’re curious and discerning (like us). Diligent and calm but not meek. And you understand how to get the best from all types of people.


As the Copy Editor / Project Manager, you’ll…

  • Edit and proofread all copy that comes through the door
  • Gather client insights, write briefs and manage the creative process with the writers
  • Plan and execute the delivery of projects with efficiency and respect to all
  • Keep the communication lines open, ensuring everyone has a grasp on a project’s status at any time
  • Work towards your KPIs as a team, which might include financial targets and a couple of decent challenges (with the rewards to match).


Some training you need to have under your belt…

  • 2-3 years in a creative environment – in agencies (design, digital, advertising or similar) or publishing
  • Some knowledge of project management methods (from Google still counts) and the organisational skills to put them into practice
  • A strong grasp of the English language and traditional grammar rules
  • A degree or diploma in editing or publishing
  • An eye for design, and the ability to put a presentation together in Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience working with messy, creative minds – and the know-how to find order in the chaos.


So, who are we?

Apostrophe Copywriters is a 40-strong copywriting collective based in Collingwood and peppered right across the globe. Two-thirds of us have worked in the world’s top advertising agencies, and the rest have made their mark (and continue to do so) by drawing inspiration from previous chapters of their life such as environmental science, naturopathy, architecture, law, music and much more. We’ve worked with global design agencies, boutique branding teams and gung-ho start-ups that are defining their own categories. We’ve wowed clients with brand stories and taglines, and smashed world records with crowdfunding campaigns. There’s almost nothing we haven’t written for or about. And we devour new challenges like coyotes in the desert (just with much better manners). Our next biggest challenge is a company re-brand, and we’ll relish your help in pushing it forward.


The nitty gritty

This is a full-time role on a three-month contract to start. Show us what you’re made of to make this thing permanent. Salary will be considered alongside the prowess you’re bringing – and is just the starting point. Your wage is in your hands from there on out.


Does this sound like you? If so, send us your CV and cover letter.

If we like what we see, you’ll be asked to complete a personality test (which you’ll take great pleasure in), a group interview (so we can measure your compatibility) and an editing test. You bring your A-game; we’ll bring the caffeine.

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  • Date Listed: 3.10.2016
  • Location: Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
  • Salary: Not specified
  • Industry: Design, Arts and Architecture
  • Position: Other
  • Work Type: Full Time Work

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