Lankan Filling Station

Bustling inner-city restaurant with food inspired by traditional Sri Lankan flavours

About Lankan Filling Station

We are a casual eatery with a focus on hoppers: a bowl-shaped savoury pancake made from a fermented batter of rice flour and coconut milk with crispy, latticed edges and a soft doughy crumpet-like centre. Torn, folded or dipped, our hoppers are made to be eaten with an array of the curries and sambols on our menu. Our drinks selection is concise with a range of wines, cocktails and some stray and interesting drinks to suit our spicy food.

We offer a fast paced, exciting and casual dining experience within a small industrial chic space. With an open plan kitchen our guests dive head first into the warmth of toasting spices and bustling atmosphere of a home-cooked Sri Lankan meal.

Clare - Kitchen Team

“I came into this role whilst I was still studying and have found my skills and confidence have developed substantially in the kitchen since, plus the food is delicious and the team are a delight!”

Employee Benefits

  • The training we receive is incredible, the chefs receive a lot of direct in-depth training and knowledge from Tama herself learning all about cooking with spices and different methods of cooking traditional to Sri Lanka
  • Career progression, everyone here has progressed further and it is always encouraged and developed (e.g. casual waiters who have become managers, apprentice cooks becoming chefs)
  • Fairly flexible hours, the roster is pretty flexible so we can usually accommodate days off for our staff or events/holidays
  • Staff perks including meals and discount on food and wine.
  • Friendly team that will help each other out wherever we can