South Melbourne Coffee Roaster

About ST. ALi

ST. ALi has been around for over a decade and a half, based at our iconic cafe down a South Melbourne laneway you have to know where to go to get to. One of the first specialty coffee focused companies in Melbourne, we started roasting coffee in-store and travelled to origin themselves, establishing direct relationships with farmers and producers. With a rock and roll attitude and reputation for pushing boundaries over the past two decades, we’re a well-known and trustworthy name—for good reason.

Employee Benefits

  • Besides the delicious (and free coffee) you’ll also enjoy working at one of Melbourne’s most iconic cafes, with an eclectic and exciting customer-base.
  • Whether you're front of house or behind the coffee machine, we provide comprehensive training and an environment with continual growth and progress.
  • We’re also a company that constantly pulls off the unexpected—so be prepared for an exciting ride.