The Office Space

The Office Space builds, equips and services beautiful bespoke office environments for the creative and small business community.

The Office Space has been a unique presence in the serviced office market over the course of its 10 years. Building upon rather than diluting this singularity – a marked combination of beautifully designed spaces and bespoke services – continues to underpin all our activities as we move into our next 10 years. The Office Space Group seeks to curate a collection of beautiful, aspirational offices as well as incorporate new, forward-thinking working and living environments all characterised by exceptional services and high-end facilities.

The Office Space creates inspiring office and multifunctional spaces that provide an environment within which to work, to connect and to collaborate – a union of commerce, community and culture. We are more than just a place to do business. We strive to be an essential microcosm of society that is connected, commercially savvy, culturally aware and collectively responsible.