Studio Tate

Studio Tate brings progressive aesthetics to their clients.

Established by young, accomplished interior architects Alex Hopkins and Erin Gannon, the experience at Studio Tate comes from leading architectural and interior design firms. Our clients get the best design solutions, delivered in an unpretentious, personal context.


We create interior spaces that respect their sense of space. We integrate surrounding environments and rigorous detailing standards and we source the finest materials and pieces. Proportion, colour, light, textures, materials and form are ours to explore. And we’re abreast of worldwide developments so our inspiration is forever international.


Studio Tate places the client at the centre of the design team. We bring you into each stage of the design process; it’s a collegiate approach to design alongside other designers, suppliers, builders and consultants.

For the team at Studio Tate, interior architecture is about re-calibrating architectural imperatives (structure, spatial dynamics, design theory, etc.) to craft interior spaces that are as functional as they are beautiful. Interior design sells it short – Studio Tate can start with a blank canvas and devise what internal spaces need. But not just to function or look pretty – but to enhance the footprint, to surprise and entertain the entrant and, of course, to wow the eye.

The team has experience across all stages of design, including concept development, town planning, documentation, project management and delivery. Studio Tate tailors their service to meet each project’s needs.

The projects we seek range from bespoke residential homes to contemporary urban towers, from celebrated hospitality spaces to world class retail fit-outs. Our breadth derives from Alex and Erin’s experience and taste – between them they’ve worked on award-winning private homes, corporate workplaces, multi-residential projects and more.

Studio Tate works with private and corporate clients on renovations or new builds, on projects spanning from hospitality, to residential, to commercial and beyond. The guiding principle is creating designs that present as well as they function, that satisfy client expectations, and that add value.