About Zeally Bay Sourdough

Our sales and admin team supports our skilled bakers to make the best products possible. Here is a few words about us: At Zeally Bay Sourdough we are concerned to feed ourselves and our children the most pure, uncontaminated foods possible. We follow this aim by sourcing natural foods that are Certified Organically Grown, and which we believe to have superior nutritional value and flavour. For us the best bread is always traditional, long-ferment, hearth-baked genuine sourdough made by hand from fully traceable, Certified Organic and Biodynamic ingredients and our carefully nurtured family leaven created in the early ‘80’s. Organic Certification is the ultimate food provenance. Independently audited strict standards ensure that soils, waterways and animals are kept as nature always intended with farmers safely producing food of wonderful integrity and robust flavour. Same as it ever was - GOOD BREAD FROM THE GROUND UP