About Gathar

Gathar is on a mission to change the way you entertain at home. Through the Gathar marketplace, cooks and chefs connect with hosts looking to create amazing dinner parties at home, without the hard work. For those who love to cook, Gathar offers the opportunity to turn your passion into cash. As a Culinarian you design your own menus and deliver awesome dining experiences at homes in your local area. Check out our information pack and registration form to get cooking with us. Our passionate community of cooks and chefs (a.k.a Gathar Culinarians) love to cook and delight in sharing their favourite dishes with you! Whether it’s a recovery brunch, long lunch, afternoon grazing or delicious dinner party, Gathar has you covered. Your Culinarian will come to your home or holiday pad with all the ingredients, they’ll cook, serve and clean-up. All you need to do is create the memories.