You Fēlan this? We’re Fēlan this. Melbourne-based visual content studio. Better at video, animation & graphic design than puns.

About Fēlan

What does a typical day at Fēlan Towers entail? We fuel up on Nietzschean-level quantities of caffeine at Proud Mary (mention ‘Fēlan’ and ask for a discount - you never know, it might work). We sift through crumpled notes from last night’s 11pm brainstorming session to remember why we’re installing a waterslide in our office. Then we kickstart our projects with the same unbridled creativity, dedication and enthusiasm that makes clients name children after us.

So, you’ve come to our house to make a splash on the digital landscape. Whether you create a ripple or a tidal wave is down to the story that you tell. Our gang of visual raconteurs use video, animation and graphic design to craft the narrative equivalents of cannonballs in a backyard pool. (Oh yeah, that’s why we got the waterslide…)

Pack your trunks and let’s get to work.

Geoffrey - Editor

"Working at Fēlan is a total pleasure – a high-energy yet low-stress environment. Andy somehow manages to shoot more hours of footage than a human lifespan in minutes... and somehow it always looks really good."

Daniel - Photographer

"Working with Fēlan has been a great experience. The team spirit amongst the group is always strong and we approach each job thinking as one unit. Led by the company director Andy, we have seen the range of work get better and better."

Employee Benefits

  • Working at Fēlan Films is great for the self-made entrepreneurial-minded creator that wants to kick arse on rad projects.
  • Most of our team are called in for specific jobs and we have a tight process of online actionable tasks using apps such as Asana and Toggl, allowing our team to work remotely.
  • We are building our first online course teaching others how to get started making films, and have had a few young creatives direct their first projects allowing the team to constantly evolve, adapt and grow by keeping it to a small team of fun professionals.