"Descriptors like “rustic” and “charming” are thrown around all too flippantly when describing traditional, home-style eateries. In the case of Kaprica, however, they’re both valid. There’s nothing overly fancy about the space – run by the same team behind eateries like Barbagallo Trattoria and I Carusi – and there needn’t be, with a selection of mismatched wooden tables, unpolished floors and a couple of outdoor window seats with views of Lincoln Park all that are really required for ambience. It’s just as cosy as being at home, yet still tinged with enough theatre to ensure you have a good time.

It’s a given that the food is good – Pietro Barbagallo can even make a broccoli pizza look enticing. Any time of the day is good for a visit too, with a couple of breakfast specials, some delicious Italian mains, and heavenly looking desserts all at extremely reasonable prices. You really can’t go past the pizza though, and after watching the labour and love that goes into each and every one in the exposed kitchen, you won’t want to." Broadsheet Melbourne