El Atino & Co.

El Atino & Co. is a new Latin American Food Store & Cafe in Richmond, a food complex to teach, share, sell and enjoy Latin American food. A centre for knowledge, experimenting, tasting, participating and experiencing food and beverage.

The offer is simple, we supply authentic Latin food & beverage: in the form of meals in our food laboratory (Cafe & Restaurant), in the form of ingredients in our food store and in the form of knowledge by organising demonstrations, tastings and classes in our workshop. We source, produce, teach and share.

We see El Atino & Co. as the point where Latin gastronomy exudes and spreads taking its cue from within our roots and heritage. We honor the old by teaching and sharing traditions but also by complementing it and transforming it into new and exiting new flavours and experiences.

Our objective at El Atino & Co. is to share a genuine Latin experience with all of whom crave to discover our unique latin cuisines.