THE NINE - Fine Café I Restaurant I Cellar

THE NINE nestled in the heart of Bondi Beach, is a multi-faceted location; ?a comfortable fine café to discover in the morning, a bright and colorful Mediterranean lunch bringing curiosity in a plate of simplicity, and a trendy, quirky and sophisticated evening experience.

THE NINE is the first venue of a young and creative Hospitality Group created in June 2015 by Sebastien Dallee and Julie Brument, owned by the company SJ Dallee Pty Limited (registered in Australia).

Essentially a new generation of hospitality projects devoted to sustainability, ethical sourcing, a strong focus on artisanal and organic produce, with a strategic bold vision to raise creative collaborations. The holistic concept focuses on the core pillars of MINDFUL SOURCING, PEOPLE, SOPHISTICATION and a SENSE OF COMMUNITY.

THE NINE explores the depth of Mediterranean CUISINE, COOKING TECHNIQUES and INGREDIENTS using the very best organic, artisanal, seasonal and local ingredients Australia & Mediterranean have to offer.

The venue is inspired by a NEW GENERATION of people who want to create BETTER quality products, without damaging the earth with the ingredients you LOVE.

So far THE NINE has raised collaboration with other leading creatives to deliver a full ORGANIC, LOCAL AND ETHICAL experience. Some of these creative include: TomMarkHenry Interior Designers, Maple and Porter, Five Senses Coffee, Ovio Tea, Orchard St Juice, Strange Love Soda’s, Noble Spirits and many more.

SJ DALLEE PTY LTD was created in January 2015 and aims to be a market leader for quality, service and authenticity, hiring candidates who are passionate about food and beverage.

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