Tyranny of Distance

The name of the venue is intended to be a humorous view on the need in our culture for things to be convenient. Of course as a hospitality venue we are aiming to be a convenience on many levels.

We would like to have a comfortable but effecient 'everyday' eating and drinking space

The site is an old Service Station and we have left the original structure pretty much as it was and tried to maintain the integrity of the original use. So it has a large out door area which in the past is where you would of filled up for petrol. The space where you would of gotten your car serviced is now the kitchen and bar area and the offices serve as the indoor seating area. The word Lubritoium was actually written over he doorway of the service area where you would of gotten your car lubed. So our aim is to offer a decent range of beverages to lube your person. Given the small size of the kitchen / bar we have chosen to have a smaller menu concentrating on providing a higher quality in the range of share / tapas style food. Given the past industrial use of the space, design wise we aimed to maintain some of those elements but used in a quirky way and wanted to recycle materials in general and use them differently to their original use. In this we hoped to create a comfortable lived in feeling as well as add some interesting elements to the venue. So the old compressor has been used as the base of a totem pole that holds our out door heating system, old BBQ gas bottles have been used as astonishing lights and recycled plastic has been used as tabletops.

It is appealing to people that like the quirkiness and humour of the place and appreciate a small quality menu.