Tulum Restaurant

Tulum is my favorite Turkish cheese from northeastern Anatolia.

Made mostly with sheeps milk & matured in sheep skins in caves, it is white, creamy & has a buttery aroma.

Tulum always reminds me my childhood. When my mother came home from work she would always give me Tulum cheese with olive oil and fresh pide while she was cooking the family dinner.

Tulum restaurant is not about kebabs and dips. My food is both earthy and refined, traditional and modern. It brings together recipes of my childhood memories and modern Anatolian cooking which is not restricted to the Ottoman Cuisine.

We will be using fresh local ingredients, organic eggs & vegetables and producing our own organic vinegars, tahini & yoghurt in our small kitchen. We will be also doing our own preserving, smoking, curing & pickling just like my mother.

My team & I are passionate about welcoming our guests and creating food which blends the traditional recipes with modern Anatolian cooking.

COSKUN UYSAL / Chef & Owner MURAT OVAZ / Head Chef