Chefs Direct

Chefs Direct is one of Melbourne top hospitality staffing agency's that specialise in deploying professional chefs when required. We strive to provide the best short term solution while you are going through a meticulous recruitment process, immediate staffing needs within the kitchen or you just need that extra pair of hands on deck.

Chefs Direct also specialise in permanent recruitment. The recruitment process for a business can be time-consuming, but with Chefs Direct taking care of that extra step, you can hire qualified and experienced permanent chefs easier than ever before.

Chefs Direct’s charter is simple: to be the best we possibly can be with everything that we do.

Our hospitality recruitment solutions translate to the best chefs, the best business practice, and the best service.

We aim to be the number one chef recruitment agency in Melbourne, as well as the agency of choice for our clients. Achieving that requires hard work, commitment and dedication and delivering on what we say we will.