Satio Casual Eatery

Satio is a modern Vietnamese restaurant in Wolli Creek. Experience the warmth and knowledge of a talented culinary team focused on using simple, fresh ingredients to create an array of complex flavours. Satio, sharing food is a special way to celebrate friendship and family. The name says it all – dining at Satio, Latin for ‘satisfy’, meets that deep human need to share a sustaining meal with others and creates a feeling of overall wellbeing. Take a culinary journey to the buzzing markets of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam’s south, where restauranteur Jackie Fong learnt to cook, helping her mum prepare delicious food at their eatery each day for hundreds of locals gathered to feast on noodles, grilled seafood and barbequed pork. And this is how generation after generation of Jackie’s family learnt their art – experimenting with flavours and over time perfecting dishes. After Jackie came to live Sydney a decade ago, she continued the tradition, cooking for her loved ones and delighted neighbours With Satio, Jackie is excited to finally share these long-held family dishes with the people of Sydney. Her aim is to give you a modern Vietnamese experience; stylish funky décor and generously portioned meals, driven by a deep respect for the traditional values of excellent service her mum taught her all those years ago. Enjoy quality natural produce sourced here in Australia; the freshest meat and poultry, seafood, fruits, vegetables and herbs.