Eco Outdoor

Eco Outdoor is a leading architectural and design company. We specialise in natural stone flooring and walling, and we design our own range of outdoor furniture. We work with leading architects, designers and builders across the country and we love design. We have seven showrooms across Australia and are always on the lookout for energetic superstars to join our team.

We’re excited that you’re considering talking to us about a new role.

Considering a move is always a bit nerve wracking as you wonder, will I like it? How long will it take me to get my head around everything? What are the people like? Will there be morning tea on birthdays?

For some, Eco will become home. For others, it will be a step along the way to something else. Most of our staff enjoy working with us. We hope. Inevitably there will be some who don’t but one thing’s for sure; like anything in life, you’ll get out what you put in.

so what’s the outdoor design industry all about then?!

When most people think of outdoor design they think of gardening, pool design and landscaping. We’d probably broaden that definition to include outdoor lifestyle in general. That encompasses how we eat, how we play, the lights we use, the structures we shelter underneath, the furniture we sit on, the paths we walk on and the landscaping we look at. It’s how a space feels to be in. It’s giving the outdoor space the same emphasis and sense of importance that we’ve always given to the indoors. So now when we talk about ‘outdoor lifestyle’ products, you’ll know what we mean.

the last bit

So we’ve told you a little bit about us and what we’re into. But mostly we want to tell you that we’re really excited that you’re considering joining our team and we look forward to having a chat & getting to know you better. Now that we’ve got all that out of the way. Let’s get down to business