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Breaking Myths: The Truth About Driving with Uber

It’s not what you think.

Since arriving in Australia in 2012, Uber has been rapidly increasing in popularity. With more demand for affordable and reliable transport options leading to more trips being taken, it’s not only a great time to get on the road as a passenger, but as a driver, too.

But there are some common misconceptions surrounding Uber we thought we’d investigate. To separate fact and fiction, here are five myths we unpacked about driving with Uber.

1. It’s hard to sign up


You don’t need to jump through hoops to sign up with Uber. If you’re at least 21 and have a valid full driver’s license you can sign up online in a matter of minutes, and be on the road once your profile is verified.

2. You need our own car


While many driver-partners use personal vehicles to complete trips, Uber also connects partners, via its platform Uber Marketplace, with companies who rent and lease vehicles specifically for ridesharing.

3.Uber is safe


Being on the road all day and sharing your car with strangers may seem daunting, but the Uber app has plenty of safety features in place for both passengers and driver-partners. An emergency assistance button, 24/7 incident response associates and two-way ratings all help keep riders and drivers safe. Safety features are easily accessible in the app, and GPS records of trips are available if needed, too.

4. You need to work a minimum number of hours


There is no minimum number of hours a driver-partner is required to work each week. You can decide when to drive with Uber, as well as how much you want to drive. Driver-partners receive trip payments weekly and can choose to cash out at any time during a pay cycle to receive funds straight away. This means if you need to earn some quick money before your next pay cheque, you can go out and complete a few trips and get paid for them by your riders immediately, up to five times per day.

5. Payment is great


Drivers have the power to decide when, and how much they want to drive, meaning the power is in their hands to decide how many fares they take.

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