Grub Fitzroy

Eclectic, seasonal plates from a 1965 Airstream van, parked in a graffitied, rug-covered courtyard.

About Grub Fitzroy

Australian produce, drinks and coffee served out of a 1965 Airstream van. The substantial all-day menu is just as suitable for snacking as it is a full meal. There are also desserts and plenty of vegetarian options.

The van is a permanent fixture on the lot, with tables and chairs outside that are great on a clear morning or anytime in summer. During the colder months, the space in the building behind the van offers a respite from the elements. Here, picnic tables sit amongst an eccentric sprawl of garden gnomes and bric-a-brac, a ping-pong table beckons caffeinated heroes, and the plant-life sees a communing of green thumbs.

Jules - Bar Manager

“Working in an ethical workplace is important to me. At Grub we recycle our things and order a lot of our produce locally, which I’m happy about.”

Ellie - Waitress

“I used to work in a bank but I much prefer hospo work as you’re always on your feet, moving around, with things to do. Oh, and you get to eat delicious food all the time!”

Employee Benefits

  • Flexible hours
  • Meet people from all walks of life
  • Ethical workplace with locally-sourced produce
  • Fast-paced industry that encourages employees to let their personality shine