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Hospohawker: A New Online Marketplace to Buy and Sell Hospitality Equipment

It’s like Ebay specifically for hospitality – venue owners and wholesalers can buy and sell kitchen equipment, dishwashers, furniture and other fit-out pieces all in one place.

Establishing a hospitality venue and getting everything you need to open takes a lot of time, effort and money. You buy a stove from an old colleague; they hook you up with an acquaintance that can get you a good price on a dishwasher. You trawl through dozens of furniture and architecture websites to decide on your fit-out and get eight bids going in different browser tabs for a deep fryer you can afford.

It’s a messy and stressful process, but new online platform Hospohawker aims to make it a breeze. Users can buy and sell large items such as industrial ovens and dishwashers, as well as smaller items such as cutlery, plates and cups. Business owners and wholesalers can both use the platform, so you’re able to purchase both new and used items from other restaurateurs, or direct from suppliers.

The website was set up by Kelly and Alex Brawn, co-owners of Melbourne restaurant Sebastian. When you-know-what hit earlier this year, they realised it would be a perfect time to start setting up Hospohawker, an idea they’d had prior.

“While planning and then running our restaurant, I was surprised to find that there was no single location where a restaurant could buy equipment and furniture,” Alex says. “It was through pure luck that I eventually stumbled on some great suppliers and service providers.”

Hospohawker takes (some of) the luck out of setting up a venue – there are thousands of items currently listed on the platform. Anyone who owns or operates a hospitality business can sign up and list items for free.

Venue operators, business owners and equipment wholesalers can sign up here.

Photography: Jake Roden

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