Padre Coffee

Melbourne Coffee Roaster

About Padre Coffee

Padre Coffee. We’re specialty coffee roasters, wholesalers and retailers.

Born in the dawning age of specialty coffee in Melbourne back in 2008, we’re both proud of our history and excited about the future. With bases in Melbourne, Noosa and Sydney - we’re firmly focused on ethical, sustainable growth and we’re always seeking to raise the bar with everything we do.

Of course, at the heart of our company are our people. We’re committed to building a workplace culture that supports personal development, collaboration and teamwork. We believe in quality produce, sustainability, and in fostering long term committed relationships throughout the supply chain. Our community values education, guidance, support and approachability, and this ensures the Padre bean lives up to its name, wherever you might find it. To work with Padre Coffee is to love what you do.

Employee Benefits

  • At Padre we thrive on collaboration and team-work throughout the entire organisation, whether that be in our daily duties, primary roles or project based teams.
  • We believe strongly in personal and professional development, from basic training in all areas of the business, through to management and leadership.
  • We are invested in helping our staff realize their potential, from developing career paths to helping them get the most out of their personal health and wellbeing.