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About Broadsheet

Welcome to Broadsheet, and the best of your city.

Through breaking news, features, event guides and insight from industry experts, Broadsheet is the authority on the cultural life of your city. We’re here to keep you across the goings on around town and to cover, analyse and comment on it all with accurate reporting, sharp photography and clear, clean design.

Our aim is not simply to tell you about a restaurant opening – we’ll spend time in the kitchen, chatting with chefs over the clatter of pans, and to the designers while poring over their drawings. What we’re excited about is not led by breathless hyperbole, but specifics. We don’t need to tell you your city has great cafes. But by telling you who’s making them great, and why, and where you can find them, we want to add to your insight into what makes the city tick.

On Broadsheet you’ll find daily coverage of the most talked-about openings and big-ticket events alongside the emerging, the lesser-known, and the people, businesses and movements that may have been overlooked, but are no less worthy of your attention.

We’re excited about the cities we cover. New shops, bars and restaurants continue to open, festivals pop-up every other week and decision-makers take our culture seriously. We look forward to seeing you around town.

Employee Benefits

  • Award winning market leader in digital publishing
  • Career development
  • Ambitious, passionate and talented team
  • Fun, inclusive and supportive culture
  • Cool, open plan warehouse style office
  • Great inner city location
  • Day off on your birthday
  • Free tickets to events
  • Bring your dog to work
  • Bagels every Monday
  • Fresh fruit
  • Friday afternoon drinks

Callum - Directory Editor

Working at Broadsheet has led to some pretty unbelievable experiences. Whether we're going to an art show as an office on a Wednesday morning or having a wine-tasting session on a Friday evening. We all get along really well personally and have a huge amount of respect for each other professionally. It's got that perfect balance. Oh, and we get bagels every Monday morning too.

Working at Broadsheet