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The Perfect Office-Party Recipe to Impress Your Colleagues

Featuring all natural ingredients.

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Everyone has been to a drab work party. Either the food runs out too early or office politics get in the way, and your colleagues start filtering out by 7pm in favour of a Netflix binge.

But when it’s done right, an office party can be a great way to increase staff morale and satisfaction, and help everyone get to know each other beyond the water cooler. Follow these tips to show your team you know how to throw a party, and make your next staff showdown one to remember.

1. Start with a slice of budget

The key is to not be too stingy. Set yourself a reasonable budget and put on a show to remember. If your accountant comes knocking on your door pale faced and red eyed, point them to this research.

If you are trying to save money, you may be able to get a discount if you book everything well in advance.

2. Add a convenient venue

Choose a venue relatively close to your workplace and staff’s homes so people can come and go easily.

The space itself should work to how many guests are attending. This may sound obvious, but if it's slightly too big, you risk your party becoming sparse and lifeless.

Opt for a venue that’s in the business of hosting events, too, so you can offload some of the responsibility to its staff.

And don’t forget about the entertainment. Consider venues that offer activities such as karaoke, mini golf, bowling or escape rooms. These can help with team bonding and pull people out of talking office politics.

Holey Moley

Strike Bolwing

3. Pick an open time slot

Thursday nights are great as people are less likely to have prior commitments. Of course, if you’re in the hospitality industry Monday or Tuesday nights may work better to everyone’s schedules.

To ensure a solid turn out, leave no gaps between work time and party time. Organise cabs, Ubers or a mini bus to get people from work straight to the venue.

We also suggest finishing it at 11pm so people don’t get too boozy.

4. Pop out a couple of invitations

Give your staff enough advanced notice to mark out their schedules – a month before is ideal.

Beyond the stock-standard email invite, you can use online invitation services such as Paperless Post, eVite or minted.

Be sure to include all the necessary information: time, place, dress code, whether partners are welcome, RSVP deadline and any dietary requirements.

Send a duty-of-care email the day before reminding your guests about the event and what’s expected of them. Mention all specific details and encourage them to drink responsibility.

5. Sprinkle a little fresh hype

If you want a good turn out, simply announcing the event won’t cut it; you need to create hype and promote it.

A no-brainer is to go with a theme, and get everyone to dress in fancy dress. It’ll get everyone chatting about it non-stop.

Another strategy is to not give away too much information in advance to create intrigue. Your guests don’t have to know they’ll be playing mini golf; they just have to know to bring their best sneakers.

Also, consider handing out humorous, yearly awards, such as “most likely to complain about the office coffee” or “best office dresser” awards.

Strike Bowling

Holey Moley

6. Prepare a hearty spread, and enough drinks.

Beers and wine as well as non-alcoholic options are a must. Expect partygoers to drink two drinks in the first hour, and one drink every following hour.

In terms of food, follow the old one pound per person rule (453 grams). This equates to around six small appetizers.

Also, remember to check any dietary requirements that your colleagues may have and plan vegetarian and/or vegan options beforehand.

7. Let it rest

Once the night has started, try and relax and have a good time. If you, the host, has a good time, everyone else will likely do so too.

8. Garnish with some morning-after incentives

If you’re throwing the party on a work night, organise free food and drinks for the next morning to ease your staff into the day. Pre-pay for coffee and bagels at a local cafe that your staff can pick up before 10am.

If you find your colleagues clutching at their coffees mid-morning and reminiscing about the night before, you’ve pulled off a successful staff showdown.


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