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Had a Bright Idea in Isolation? Now You Can Pitch It to a Team of Startup Experts From Home

Receive tailored advice from a team of startup experts and turn your great idea into a reality

Spending a lot more time at home means we’ve all had a lot more time to think. Chances are you’ve taken up a new hobby or pursued an old passion. Maybe you’ve put some time into getting a business or product idea off the ground and you’re starting to realise it has some legs. What next?

That’s where Startmate comes in. Founded in 2011, it acts as a funding and mentorship program for startup hopefuls in Australia. The company’s May Office Hours program is now open, offering over 1000 free mentor sessions for anyone hoping to take their big ideas to the next level.

Successful applicants are connected with leaders from companies such as Canva, Culture Amp, Xero, Adore Beauty and Atlassian for 30-minute online sessions to discuss goals, troubleshoot ideas and plan for the future – a great way to get some feedback and start taking your isolation project seriously.

It may sound a little like Shark Tank, but Startmate CEO Michael Batko says the program’s aim is to help budding entrepreneurs get a leg-up, not intimidate or judge them.

“It’s probably our most important channel for developing future talent and providing a glimpse into the kind of support we offer,” he says. “Particularly now, when there are so many people looking to ensure future success, we’re providing a valuable stepping stone towards the next level of your business.”

If you’d like to see some of the end-products of Startmate’s 3-month Office Hours program, you can attend an online demo day for free on April 22. Graduates from the Office Hours program will showcase their business and ideas, discuss what they’ve learned and offer advice to other startup hopefuls. Some speakers in the next online demo day include startups that turn water waste into electricity, a 3D-printed prosthetics company and a robot that teaches conversational English.

Startmate Demo Day is on Wednesday April 22, online from 6pm to 8pm. Free registration here.

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