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Vox Pop: How to Make the Most of Friday Night Drinks

Last week we headed down to Holey Moley and Strike Bowling in Melbourne’s CBD to get some tips.

This article is sponsored by Holey Moley and Strike Bowling. If you haven’t organised your EOFY party yet and are looking for a fantastic venue with great food, drinks and activities, then make sure you put them on the shortlist.

Friday night drinks are a great way to unwind and get to know your colleagues on a personal level. They can also develop team cohesion, build strong workplace culture and enrich relationships with clients and other business stakeholders.

There are things you should keep in mind though before organising your next office outing.

Last week we headed down to Holey Moley and Strike Bowling link in Melbourne’s CBD and asked some of their patrons for their tips.

First though, here are a few from us.

1. Be organised

If your planning to go to a particular venue, you may need to book ahead, so don’t wait until Friday afternoon to organise the night. Send out an email to your work crew early in the week to gauge interest and book once you have the numbers.

2. Be inclusive

Try to include everyone, so people don’t feel left out. If you only want a small crew, limit it to just your department or team, and make this known in your communications.

3. Be responsible

Remember to drink responsibility and go to a place with food options. At the end of the night you want to get home safely – with a good Uber rating and reputation intact.

Holey Moley



“Make sure everyone turns up on time. It’s no good if people are turning up and leaving sporadically, so plan it to go straight from work to the bar.”

Holey Moley



“Variety is the key. Usually I have drinks and dinner with the boys, but lately I’ve been trying to mix it up a bit and try new things.”

Holey Moley


Project Manager

“Melbourne has so many great bars on offer, so go to the CBD and discover some of those hidden gems.” (ed: like Holey Moley!)

Holey Moley



“Go to an event or do an activity to get your mind off work. Anything but just sitting about a table and chatting about office politics.”

Holey Moley



“Jaeger Bombs and a halal snack pack afterwards are key!”


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