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How to Stay Productive While You Work From Home

Many businesses have shifted to a work-from-home model in 2020. If you’re logging in remotely, here’s some advice to make sure you stay productive.

Working from home can be a little tricky. There are seemingly endless distractions and it can be difficult to put yourself in a productive state of mind in the room you usually unwind in. If your workplace has asked you to work from home in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, we’ve got some tips to help make sure you still use your time productively.


Where possible, try cooking meals the night before. While working from home is likely to prevent you splashing on an expensive lunch, it’s easy to get carried away with cooking and lose a couple of hours in the kitchen preparing food. Treat your lunches as you would if you were pre-cooking them for work during the week – prepare the night before and save some time during work hours.


Don’t fall into the trap of staying in your pyjamas all day. When you get out of bed, get cleaned up as if you were going to work. You don’t necessarily need to wear a suit and dress shoes – there are still some perks to working at home – but if you wear neat, comfortable clothes and shower in the morning you’ll feel more alert and prepared for the day. It’s hard to focus on anything other than Netflix when you’re wrapped in a blanket and a hoodie.


If you work full-time, chances are you have a routine that you’re used to. If you normally go for a run in the morning, make sure you still find time for it. If you start your day with a coffee, there’s no reason you can’t stick to that. You might be tempted to get out of bed later while you’re working from home, but if you’ve formed good habits during the working week, following them when circumstances change will help you adjust.


You’ll probably be tempted to wake up at 8.55am, sit up in bed with your laptop and start working. There are a heap of distractions in your bedroom, and it’ll be tough not to fall asleep again. Set yourself up at a desk, the kitchen table or anywhere that requires you to sit up straight. You’ll get more done, and your spine will thank you for it.


Social media, Netflix, TV, your dog – the distractions are endless at home. If you can’t stay off social media, find a trusted colleague and reset each other’s passwords for the day. Same goes with your Netflix account. Working in 25-minute blocks and taking a five-minute break at the end of each is another way to satisfy your urge to check your phone and still remain productive.

Photography: Tom Ross, Nikki To (Wall Photo)

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