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Melbourne Event: Is Vermouth Making a Comeback?

Sit in on a panel discussion about the future of the beverage, its purported health benefits, and the best ways to drink it.

What is vermouth? If you have European grandparents, chances are you’ve seen a bottle gathering dust at the back of the liquor cabinet, making an appearance at the occasional family function. To many millennials, it might seem like a strange, outdated fortified wine that’s used mostly in cocktails no one’s made for 60 years. But this botanical-infused tipple – which originated in 18th-century Italy – is undergoing a revival.

To teach you more about vermouth, Worksmith and Turnip Media are bringing hospitality leaders together for a panel on Monday, October 28. (It’s part of a series that will touch on various topics relating to the hospitality industry.)

You’ll hear from Maidenii vermouth founders Shaun Byrne (a veteran bartender who worked at Gin Palace) and Gilles Lapalus (an expert winemaker). They’ll discuss how vermouth is made, cocktail recipes, health benefits and where the beverage will fit into Australia’s bar scene in the future. Snacks and a cocktail will be provided on arrival.

Tickets and more information are available here.

Not Too Late: The Vermouth Renaissance is on Monday, October 28 at Worksmith Ella, 211 La Trobe Street, Melbourne, from 5.45pm to 7pm.

Photography: Tim Allen

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