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'How to Find a Job You Love' at The School of Life

What are you really seeking from your work?

For most people, the perfect job is well paid, high profile, intellectually stimulating and emotionally rewarding. This standard is so high that our actual jobs often have trouble measuring up, no matter how great they are.

The 'How to Find a Job You Love' class at The School of Life is designed to help you figure out what you’re really seeking from your work. Course leader Christian Stenta (who has mentored dozens of social start-ups) will explore what a meaningful job really looks like, and take apart the word ‘meaning’ to discover the hopes that we invest in this concept.

Your career hopes and opportunities will be audited, and career dilemmas will be discussed. Should we pursue money and status? How important is it to have a job that embodies personal values and fully harnesses our talents? Are ‘dream jobs’ actually attainable?

Founded by philosopher Alain De Botton, The School of Life runs regular classes that provide useful insights into the big themes in our lives. Head there for an enlightening evening, and maybe end up quitting your job.

Classes on July 23 and August 24.

Tickets available here.

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