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Quick Tips: How to Keep Your Hospitality Staff on Board

Melbourne HR expert David Simpson on why there’s such a high turnover in the industry – and what you can do to retain your employees.

Despite the perks the hospitality industry has to offer, it’s no secret that employees work long hours, are often paid low wages and can find themselves physically and mentally exhausted at the end of a shift. This makes it difficult for businesses to keep their staff on board, which is reflected in the high turnover in the industry.

A recent study shows that of all the Australian employment sectors, hospitality workers are the most likely to change jobs. A similar survey of managers and business owners says the biggest issue facing the industry is the hiring and retaining of staff.

If employees are happy, they’re far more likely to stay in a job – so what should you be doing to keep staff motivated? Melbourne HR managing director David Simpson shares some simple things you can do to keep employees around.

Regular Payment

Set up consistent payment times for your employees. According to Simpson, this is something the hospitality industry is slack with.

“Be very regular with pay. You find that people don’t pay on a regular basis,” he says. “If pay is meant to come in on Thursday, make sure it comes in on Thursday, not Friday morning.”


Be consistent with your rosters. Rosters and shift instructions – just like payments – should come out regularly, says Simpson.

“Your staff need good rhythms, they should have a structure for their shifts so they know what’s coming next – it should be a smooth process.”


Speak to employees about your company’s vision and long-term goals. Staff will respond positively to having a broader goal, and Simpson says it’s a good way to keep employees focused.

“It creates a higher purpose,” he says. “Most small businesses are not very good at the component of communication and aligning staff to strategy.”

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