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Melbourne Event: Stop. Grammar Time.

Take a masterclass on all things grammar and writing – we guarantee you don’t know as much as you think.

As writers, we’re increasingly relying on spellcheck, grammar applications and autocorrect to help with our writing – has the art of the written (or typed) word and dedication to our craft deserted us?

To bring us back to basics and teach us where commas go, what a relative clause is and other nuts-and-bolts punctuation and grammar are the people at The Good Copy, a collective of Australia’s finest grammatical minds.

They’re hosting Stop. Grammar Time on Saturday, December 14 – a day filled with lessons on grammar, punctuation and everything you need to equip yourself with to “write right”.

You’ll leave with an understanding of English sentence structure and the terms used to describe it, a style-guide starter kit and tactics for navigating tricky decisions, a set of reference notes, a tote bag and so much more.

Tickets and more information are available here.

Stop. Grammar Time is on Saturday December 14 at The Good Copy, 19 Johnston Street, Collingwood, from 9am to 5.30pm.

Photography: Katie Ballis

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