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Stop. Grammar Time. at The Good Copy

Know how to use a semicolon? Us neither; thankfully The Good Copy is running grammar bootcamp next month.


Stop. Grammar Time.
Date: Saturday 11, 18 April; 2, 9 May
Time: 9.30am—midday
Location: 27/29 Johnston St, Collingwood
Cost: $350
Book now.

In a world of auto-correct fails and unreliable spell check, good grammar is more important than ever.

If your writing could use a shape up, check out The Good Copy's upcoming course Stop. Grammar Time. Running in April and May, the course will cover everything you need to know in just four classes.

The Good Copy's Creative Director Max Olijnyk says it's definitely not only for writers.

“It's for everyone who uses a keyboard or a phone—or a pencil, for that matter,” he explains. “Written communication is a big part of all our professional and social lives, from emails and reports to status updates and text messages.”

If phonetics put you to sleep in school, don't drop out just yet. Editorial Director Penny Modra, who runs the course, promises it'll be nothing like your high school English class.

“We don't teach grammar as a strict set of dos and don'ts,” Modra says.

Olijnyk explains: “Each lesson addresses a different suburb of the grammar and punctuation metropolis."

You'll start with the basics in week one, before moving onto punctuation in week two. Lesson three is all about style – how should you shift your writing for different jobs?

“Later on we look at some anxiety-inducing challenges such as punctuating dot-point lists, adding possessive apostrophes to plurals that end in 's', and knowing a gerund when you see one,” Modra says.

“Wait 'til you hear about punctuating lists of adjectives in subject and object phrases,” Olijnyk adds. “It will blow your mind! It blew mine, anyway."

The next round of Stop. Grammar Time. begins Saturday, 11 April. Head to The Good Copy to learn more and sign up.

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