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This Creative Agency Is Offering Free Resume and Website Design to People Who Have Lost Work Due to COVID-19

Had your employment affected by the pandemic? JMA Creative wants to design your resume and personal website to help you get back into the workforce – free of charge.

Community lockdowns have hit the Australian workforce hard. While safety measures have been necessary to help curb the spread of Covid-19, roughly 20 per cent of Australian workers have had their employment impacted over the last few months, and some economists predict unemployment rates will continue to grow into the near future.

If you’ve had your employment affected by Covid-19 and you’re looking for a new role or a change of scenery, Melbourne creative agency JMA Creative wants to help you out.

The agency team normally specialises in digital marketing and design campaigns for brands. Now, they’re focusing on individuals who have had their employment impacted by Covid-19 in the hopes of helping people get back into the workforce.

JMA normally allocates 10 per cent of its yearly projects to charity initiatives. Creative director Steve Murray says it made sense to focus on unemployment in 2020, so the agency launched this initiative at the beginning of June.

“It came about pretty organically. We had already been discussing what charity initiatives to focus on this year when we realised this opportunity to help individuals had presented itself,” he says. “There are a lot of industries doing it tough right now, but the real effects are seen in individuals.”

If you want to take the offer up, just get in touch for a chat, provide your current resume or equivalent details the team at JMA will put together an eye-catching resume and personal website for you – free of charge. Murray says the initiative has been well received, despite some initial scepticism from people.

“It’s quite funny, when you chat to people you get the sense that they’re trying to find out what the catch is. But there isn’t one,” he says. “We’re just trying to help as many affected people as possible in ways that we know how.”

The full scope of the unemployment fallout from Covid-19 remains to be seen, but Murray has hope that Australia’s workforce can bounce back.

“I’m definitely optimistic. From the conversations I’ve had with clients and individuals, people are feeling a bit better about their career prospects now,” he says. “A lot of people are interested in changing career paths or jumping sideways, and I think right now is a great opportunity to try something new if you’re able to.”

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