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Nine Ways to Make a Good Impression at Your New Job

Start off on the right foot.

Getting the job is one thing – impressing your new colleagues is another. Here are some tips on how to win them over.

1. Maintain punctuality

Arriving on time may be an obvious one, but punctuality has a habit of lapsing over time, especially as you become more comfortable with your role. Be disciplined, and try to always be early.

2. Show confidence (with restraint)

You’ve got the necessary and skills and experience, so be confident in your abilities and show them. Be mindful not to come off as a total know-it-all though, or be overly critical of past processes. Try to stay measured and don’t interrupt others in discussions.

3. Remember people’s names

Nothing helps to build relationships more than using peoples names, so do your best to remember them. This may sound silly, but try making name associations such as “Sally from Sales” or “Brown-haired Ben.” But keep them private, of course.

4. Stretch yourself (but be realistic)

If you’ve been given a task, and you’re a little unsure about how to go about doing it, do your best to find a solution using your own intuition and resources before asking questions. Be honest though if its far beyond your skills and experience, otherwise you’ll dig some deep holes.

5. Ask questions in batches

If you do ask questions, and we recommend you do, just be mindful that it can be quite annoying if you are continually firing them off. Best to hold on to them and ask them in batches, at a convenient time. Also, pay attention to the answers – asking the same question twice won’t look good.

6. Be a positive Patty (not a Debbie downer!)

Every office has a person that complains about anything, such as the weather, or the traffic, or the office’s instant coffee. Don’t be this person. If you want to get off on the right foot and build office relationships, be the ball of positive energy.

7. Be cool building friendships

Genuine friendships don’t happen overnight, so be patient. Concentrate on mastering the role first, and friendships will develop. Be particularly mindful of crossing personal and professional lines too quickly, like adding your co-workers on Facebook on day one. You need to build trust first.

8. Vary your leaving hours

If your contract states you’re expected to work until 5.30pm, stay a little longer on your first day, and vary your leaving hours going forward. It’s not a great look when you’re constantly checking the time, waiting to clock off.

9. Follow the unofficial office rules

We recently published an article called Eleven Unwritten Office Rules to Obey. Read it. Then read again. Then stick it on your fridge so you never forget it.

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