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Seven Keyboard Shortcuts to Blow Your Mind

It’s time to become more productive

Increase your productivity and streamline your workflow with these laptop shortcuts.

Paste and match

Command + shift + option + V

Copy and pasting from several documents to another can create a headache for writers trying to format all their text in the same way. This shortcut will seamlessly paste text into the same style as your document.

Open dictation

Fn (function key) twice

Opening dictation will let your Mac type what it hears – and you can give it vocal commands as well. Great for moments where your hands are tied and you need to type something out, or record an interview.

Instant thesaurus

Fn + F5

Spend less time on thesaurus websites and bugging your colleagues for synonyms – this function brings up a quick drop-down list of similar words to the one you just typed.

Jump between internet tabs

Command + 1–9

Save time by jumping between your open browser tabs. Works on Chrome and Safari, great for writers or university students jumping between tabs during research.

Instant dictionary

Command + control + D

Similar to the thesaurus function, this will give you an instant dictionary definition for any highlighted word. Handy for writers.

Spotlight search

Command + space bar

While it’s a fairly well-known command, searching with Spotlight is a great way to utilise your Mac’s potential. Spotlight searches your entire Mac for whatever you enter, as well as the internet and social-media sites.

Change volume in small increments

Option + shift + F11/12

You turn your headphones down and can’t hear the interview you want to transcribe. You turn them up and your colleagues complain about the distracting noise. Find a happy middle ground.

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