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Seven Free Courses to Increase Your Employability

Extra downtime? Why not upskill!

The way we work is changing. Graced with a workforce of people who have had greater access to education collectively than any before us, there’s always smarter ways to do things. As a result, keeping up-to-date with what matters in the digital world can sometimes feel overwhelming. And keeping up with constant new developments, while balancing your other life commitments, starts to feel impossible.

Happily, thanks to the internet (what can’t it do?), learning new skills isn’t just limited to those with the freedom to study or the jobs with bountiful training budgets. Below are some free courses that will help keep your skill set sparkling.

Learning How to Learn


It seems simple. A bit like chewing your food before you swallow, learning how to learn breaks the process into parts, which in turn allows information to be absorbed more easily. Given 4.8 stars from over 32000 reviews, Learning How to Learn has taught all these people to take an active approach to the learning process, with little to be desired.

4 weeks, 2–3 hours per week

Project Management


While some people are project managers in title, millions more are project managers in disguise. Getting things done is part of your job description no matter what area you work in, and understanding how to break down, plan and execute a project, no matter how small, is incredibly valuable. The course takes six weeks with the option to purchase a certificate upon completion, and will ready you for those ten-page to-do list days.

6 weeks, 2–3 hours per week


Dash by General Assembly

A nifty one-screen tutorial application to teach you the basics of HTML, CSS and Javascript. Each lesson is accompanied by a slideshow which explains everything from start to finish, only moving to the next lesson once you have made the correct inputs. Made to appeal to even the most illiterate coder, the program will get you started in understanding the basics of web development.

Self-paced, 3–4 hours



Fast! Free! Unpretentious! A quick video on the ins and outs of writing to give novices a place to start, and experienced writers something new to think about. The video is presented by a startup director with plenty of public speaking and performance experience. It’s designed to engage and inspire thought while you think more critically about what you can bring to your writing game.

Self-paced, 35 minutes



The caveat being of course that Photoshop itself is not free. But you can use this course with your 7-day free trial if it’s your absolute first time using the application. For those interested in getting into a creative role, having this foundational knowledge might be the difference between feeling comfortable with a job spec and running for the hills. At the very least, you’ll be able to DIY a few memes.

Self-paced, 8 hours



Over 28 per cent of the web runs on WordPress. This is taken verbatim from its website – it sounds salesy and a little bit pompous until you realise these guys host more than a quarter of the whole internet. Best to get on board. Their tutorials for beginners are free, with the option of expanding your knowledge further for a small fee. Plugins, themes and widgets are all demystified to help you begin your CMS education.

Self-paced, 2–3 hours

Content Marketing


Writing is one thing, writing to drive sales is entirely another. Hubspot shows you how to combine marketing techniques with engaging storytelling to really make your content work for you. Over the course you will learn how to develop a plan that treats your content the same way as any other business asset – making sure it feeds into campaigns, follows timelines and supports your strategic objectives.

Self-paced, 4 hours

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