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Jobseeker and Other Centrelink Payments Are Increasing This Week

Here’s what it means for you.

From this week, Jobseeker and other Centrelink payments are increasing. The federal government increases some payments twice a year, in March and September, to keep up with inflation. These increases are in place to ensure households can keep up with inflation, but they don’t increase their ability to spend.

The Jobseeker, age pension, ABSTUDY, disability support pension, carer payment and parent payment are all increasing by roughly 3.7 per cent.

The Jobseeker and ABSTUDY payments have the same base rate and will increase by the same amount. The payments will go up $24.70 to $693.10 a fortnight for those aged 22 and older – 57 per cent below the minimum wage. The rate for those aged 60 and older is increasing by $26.60 to $745.20 a fortnight. ABSTUDY payments for those in a partnership are increasing by $22.50 per partner to $631.20 per partner each fortnight.

Parent payments are also increasing. Single parents will receive an increase of $33.90 per fortnight to $961.30. Partnered parents will see an increase of $22.50 per partner, bringing the payment to $639.10 per partner per fortnight.

And if you’re receiving the age pension, disability support pension or carer payment, your rate is increasing as well. These payments all have the same base rate and will increase by $37.50 to $1064 per fortnight for single people. For partnered people, payments will increase by $28.20 per person to $802 each per fortnight.

You can find more information on the federal government’s website.

Photography: Yusuke Oba

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