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How to Refine Your Personal Brand to Stand Out to Hiring Managers

Build the foundations and they’ll come.

Before you send off any job applications, or make any phone calls looking for work opportunities, make sure you review, consolidate and look to polish what sets you apart from everybody else: your personal brand. This will ensure the best you is put out there in front of hiring manager’s eyes.

FYI: Your personal brand is what allows outsiders to form an opinion about you, including your professional image, reputation, skills and your perceived professional value. Things that can affect this include your resume, LinkedIn profile and other social media accounts.

Here are three areas to focus on:


A strong personal brand is one that is consistent in its messaging, so ensure your resume reflects the language and tone of your LinkedIn profile and other online profiles.

Also, make sure any unprofessional online content has been removed. You don’t want your future jeopardised by a dodgy music festival shot that’s recently popped up.


If you’ve had any significant “success stories” since you last updated your resume or profile, make sure these are added to your achievements. Nothing impresses hiring managers more than recent credential proof.

Tip: When noting achievements, best if they can be explained using statistical measures. For example: During my time as social media manager I helped the business grow its Facebook following by 45 per cent.


Since you last looked for work, new platforms may have emerged for self- promotion, so be sure to check out what’s available and utilise it if applicable.

Old methods may have also become more accessible; setting up personalised websites, for example, has become a lot easier and cheaper than it was three to four years ago.

To find out more about what your personal brand is, and how to go about polishing it up, check out our feature on the subject here.

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