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Event: Meet the Suppliers Behind Your Favourite Venues at Beyond The Craft

Discover new suppliers, create new industry connections and meet the people behind a range of amazing products stocked in some of Australia’s favourite venues.

Online hospitality supplier platform Ordermentum is bringing venues and suppliers together for a massive online trade show, Beyond The Craft. The event aims to help suppliers and venues make new connections, allow existing customers to meet and learn more about their partners; and provide a platform for curious industry hopefuls to ask questions and build their networks.

Each day there are talks from industry experts where you’ll hear from Mr Yum CEO Kim Teo, Fable Food co-founder Michael Fox, Ordermentum CMO Sophie Paulin and more. Topics will cover a celebration of women in hospitality, sustainable futures in the industry and the ways in which hospitality is turning digital. You’ll also be able to meet suppliers and build your network, with a great chance to learn a heap of industry secrets along the way.

Ordermentum CEO Adam Theobald hopes the event will help lay the ground work for lasting supplier-to-venue relationships.

“The event may be digital, but supplier/venue relationships have incredible longevity, and it’s our hope that this event sparks many long-term partnerships,” he says. “It’s not often you get the chance to ask questions to multiple suppliers at the same time.”

He also says that while the event is targeted at people using Ordermentum, there are plenty of lessons to learn for anyone interested in the hospitality industry.

“The past two years has accelerated a lot of change and made us realise how important it is to act on things we care about," he said. "I think anyone working in hospo should be interested in the insights from these amazing guests.”

Ordermentum is an online platform that allows venues to order from a range of suppliers, cutting out the middle man in the process and allowing operators to do all their venue ordering on one platform at one time.

You can register for Beyond The Craft here.

Beyond The Craft runs online from Monday April 4 until Friday April 8.

Photography: Jake Roden

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