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Event: Learn (or Master) Photography at Melbourne Zoo

Sharpen your skills by snapping animals on a photography instructor-guided tour of the zoo.

One of the most intangible skills that photographers possess is deciding on subject matter in their images. If you’re starting out and feeling a little stuck, gain some creative inspiration (and practical skills) at this guided photography tour of Melbourne Zoo.

Taking photos of wildlife isn’t as straightforward as snapping dogs at the park. Getting a shot of a meerkat darting between burrows or a monkey swinging from tree to tree is great practice for shooting unexpected moments. You’ll learn how to compose images and capture photos with personality, as well as how to work different lenses and zooms.

The class is run by two teachers and is suitable for photographers of all skill levels, but you’ll need to bring your own camera.

Tickets and more information here.

Photography Course 12 – Wildlife at Melbourne Zoo is on Thursday February 18 at Melbourne Zoo, Elliot Avenue, Parkville, from 12.30pm to 4pm.

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