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The Case For Getting a Second Job (with Tips)

There’s never been a better time.

Just because you’ve found a great job doesn’t mean you have to put the cue in the rack and stop looking for work. Why not get a second job on the side? Here are five reasons why you should.


You’ll pay off that credit quicker and save for that upcoming holiday a lot quicker. Casual jobs pay more than part-time positions and have only been incrementally affected by the recent penalty rate cuts.

Job security

If you’re a contractor, casual, or working in a volatile industry – and have a range of demands on your bank account – then having two income streams will help you sleep a hell of a lot better.

New Skills

Experience in retail and hospitality will strengthen your customer service and communication skills. These will come in handy in sales and marketing roles, or basically any job that’s client facing. You may also obtain experience in complaint management, booking keeping, and inventory management – all of which can be used in other industries.


Casual work may help you fulfil a passion. If you’re an avid reader, for example, you’ll probably enjoy working at a bookstore and chatting to customers about your recommendations.

Meet people

If you’ve just moved into a new neighbourhood, working at the local pub or coffee shop will will help you get to know some of the locals.

Things to consider…


Be careful not to overextend yourself. If you’re already committed to a 40-hour plus week, be realistic about the applications you put forward. You’ll find some casual roles are only for a couple of shifts a week, so look for those.


Find somewhere close to home, as you don’t want to spend your extra income on travelling. If you’re a driver, also consider parking availability. An inner-city $8 per-hour car space will really cut into your wage.

Contractual obligations

Check your current employment contract. Some have clauses restricting employees from working elsewhere, especially in the same industry. For most hospo and retail roles though, it should be fine.

Check with your current employer

If your current full-time job doesn’t revolve around exact timeframes, be upfront and honest with your boss about the new role so they understand your external time commitments.


Chat to a qualified tax advisor or accountant to discuss the tax implications of two jobs. For example, you won’t be able to claim the tax-free threshold for both jobs.

Check out current casual opportunities here

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