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A Weekend in the Life: Australian Hairdresser Joey Scandizzo

Find out what it’s like to work at Joey Scandizzo’s award-winning South Yarra salon over Hair Expo long weekend.

Joey Scandizzo has been cutting hair in Melbourne for over 20 years, and has worked with the likes of Solange Knowles, Priscilla Presley, Usain Bolt and Kelly Gale.

He is currently on the lookout for experienced hair stylists and new apprentices to join his award-winning South Yarra salon.

To find out what it’s like to work at Joey Scandizzo Salon, we followed him around with a camera last weekend and asked him to write a daily diary. It was Hair Expo weekend so it was all systems blazing.



As I do most mornings, I woke up early, met some friends at the Tan and went for run. The sun was out – it was perfect weather for it! I find running a good way to relax, catch up with friends and re-centre myself for the day ahead. Today we did roughly 8–10km.


Arrived at the salon. Today we kicked off with a team meeting, which we usually do first thing on Saturday. I gave an update of things that have happened over the past week and pointed out some team highlights. Being Hair Expo weekend, there was heaps excitement in the room.


Opened the doors for our first clients. Within minutes the salon is buzzing with energy.

Joey Scandizzo


We received an email that five of the salons' stylists had been nominated for Trend Vision! Bridie, a 2nd-year apprentice at the salon is one of them. She's over the moon! I So was I - it was her first time entering the competition. We stopped and had a coffee to celebrate.


Julia, one of the salon’s apprentices, told me that her model for the expo had pulled out – she was devastated. A few of us sat down with her and let her know everything would be okay. We’re very fortunate to have a good relationship with some of the local model agencies, so we were confident we’d find a replacement.

Joey Scandizzo


Knock off time. After a quick clean up of the salon we had another meeting about Hair Expo and the Awards night. I made sure everyone had their tools and products ready, and that the team were prepared with their video content and imagery.



Woke up and made myself a green smoothie for breakfast. My first event at Hair Expo was presenting a business seminar, so I read over some notes I had made to prepare. I then went for my usual run, before making my way to the Hair Expo for a 9am start.


Arrived backstage to assist the team for rehearsal. We did a test run for our upcoming shows to make sure the lighting and visuals were all ready. I also caught up with Julia, who had now found a model. She’s was relieved, and focused on the job ahead.

Joey Scandizzo


Still Backstage with the team and models preparing for the first couple of shows. There’s a lot of nervous energy around with Jungle Giants blasting in the background. It’s seriously buzzing!


Show time! Some of team made their way to the auditorium and performed their styling skills in front of around 500 people. This all went super smooth, which really wasn’t surprising given their preparation. I felt really proud.


We made our way to the expo centre for our next show featuring the full team in action. This was the big one – a catwalk show in front of 1000 people. Again, all went smooth.

Joey Scandizzo


Day one completed! The salon put on beers, wine and dinner for the team at a restaurant on Southbank. Some had finished their work at the Expo, so were in a very celebratory mood. Great bonding session!


Went back to the Crown Hotel room I was staying in for the night and fell asleep right away. Very tired.



Woke up and went straight for breakfast with my wife and the kids. I was due for a leisurely couple hours off, so I decided to go for a long walk and a swim in the hotel pool.


Caught up with Julia backstage at the Hair Expo, who was about to perform at the Apprentice of the Year show. She was very nervous, but there were a few others from the salon there to support her, which was great to see. She absolutely nailed it!

Joey Scandizzo


Went walking solo around the expo. I made my way over to see an educational seminar hosted by Angela Seminara – one of my idols, and a real cool cat. With hairdressing, you never stop learning. I’m always keen to learn new things and further develop my skills.


Up to my hotel room for an hour powernap – it was going to be a big night.


Gala dinner starts! This is the night of all nights for the Australian hairdressing industry. It’s black tie and everyone looking very sharp. Admittedly, I was very nervous for everyone.

Joey Scandizzo


Julia doesn’t win in her category, but we were all just very happy that she was a finalist. Hermiz Daniel though, one of the salon stylists, won Victorian Hairdresser of the Year, which was a great accomplishment.


To my surprise, my hero Angela Seminara gets up stage to read out the award that I was nominated for – Australian Hairdresser of the Year. This made me extra nervous. Minutes later he read out the winner … it was me! Wow. Hard to put in words how it felt. It was unbelievable. I then walked to the stage and said my thankyous.

Joey Scandizzo


Celebrated at the ELEVEN Australia afterparty, until all hours …

Work at Joey Scandizzo Salon

Joey Scandizzo is currently looking for apprentices and senior stylists to join his team at his South Yarra salon. Check out the listings and the video below:



Key benefits of working at the salon include participating in ongoing education, hair shows, fashion parades and platform work.

There are also exciting opportunities for career growth at one of the best salons in Australia. This year it won Salon of the Year, Australian Hairdresser of the Year, and Victorian Hairdresser of the Year at the 2018 Hair Expo.

This article is sponsored by Joey Scandizzo Salon.

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