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This Handy Tech Platform Puts Delivery Apps in One Place for Hospitality Venues

Doshii aggregates third party applications into one place and synchronises with your till – saving you time, money and a lot of hassle.

It’s Friday night, the kitchen team is getting slammed, the front-of-house crew is under the pump and you’ve got five different tablets buzzing with orders – all from different delivery partners, and all of which need to be entered into the till manually. This leads to mistakes, wastes time, creates an abrasive workflow and ultimately leads to a loss of revenue.

It’s a pain many hospitality operators have experienced, particularly after being forced to operate for takeaway only over the past couple of years. Manually transferring orders from delivery platforms to your till takes a lot of time and effort – chances are you’ve even had to roster an extra staff member purely for this task on a busy night.

Helping ease the burden of managing multiple takeaway platforms is rapidly growing tech platform Doshii. The program aggregates delivery partners and integrates them into your venue’s own point of sale system – eliminating the need for multiple tablets (and people) to input orders. It’s designed to create a seamless takeaway service, save you time, remove human error and ultimately help boost your bottom line.

Doshii CEO Justin O’Donnell says the time saved on not having to key orders in manually can help businesses save money.

“We see some venues on a Saturday night paying someone to just sit next to an iPad and key orders in,” he says. “So this can save money by eliminating the need for that extra staff member there when they can be helping somewhere else, or allowing you to roster less staff altogether for that shift.”

Doshii acts as “A Maître D’ for all your venue’s apps,” and de-clutters your counter and your workflow. Its portfolio of partners already includes Deliveroo, Mr Yum, Hungry Hungry and dozens more. It also integrates with a wide range of point-of-sale (POS) terminals such as Square, Impos, Raptor and many more. O’Donnell says the list of POS terminals and delivery partners is constantly growing.

“We’re constantly adding more partners and we’re working hard to make sure we’ve got all the major apps on board, to grow that tech ecosystem that’s spreading through the hospitality industry at the moment,” he says. “That will allow more people to use Doshii and streamline their service.”

Understanding the strain hospitality venues have been under for the last couple of years, Doshii is currently offering its services for free until the end of 2021 – a great way to trial the system before you commit to it.

“At the beginning of the second phase of the pandemic we just decided to make Doshii free to allow venue owners to have us in mind when they’re trialling new apps,” he says. “We’ve seen the customer base grow massively since then which has been pretty exciting for us.”

You can learn more, ask about your venue’s specific needs and sign up at Doshii’s website.

Photography: Kristoffer Paulsen

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